Supervisor of Women

Mother LoftonMother Patricia David Lofton is the Supervisor of Women for the North Carolina Second Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ. Mother Lofton is a member of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Wilmington, North Carolina. Her pastor is Pastor Lorenzo Edge. She is married to Deacon Archie Lofton. They are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Mrs. Vondra Evans of Morganton, North Carolina. She is also a grandmother and great-grandmother.

This humble Servant of the Lord has personally won many souls into the Kingdom of God. She has been instrumental in building men and women of God, who have risen to do great works in the Kingdom of God. She is an anointed teacher, preacher, psalmist, soloist, and musician. Her gifts and talents are too numerous to mention; but one of her greatest assets is her ability to win souls and make disciples of Christ. She is a powerful prayer warrior who knows the worth and value of prayer.

Her gifts have brought her before great men and opened many doors of opportunity for her to minister the Word of God. For many years, she has humbled herself under local, district, and Jurisdictional leadership. God has elevated her to leadership, where she, herself, is now positioned in authority over local, district, and Jurisdictional women’s work. She was recently recognized by the General Supervisor of Women of the Church of God in Christ World-wide, Mother Willie Mae Rivers. Mother Rivers selected Mother Lofton to serve on her person executive staff. Even though Mother Lofton has been elevated to Jurisdictional and National prominence, she continues to do the local work of an Evangelist Missionary and continues to fulfill her basic missionary duty to God by visiting the hospitals and sick rooms, ministering to the sick, comforting the dying, and rescuing those who are perishing. A missionary among missionaries, a woman among women, a lover of souls, a humble Servant of the Lord, Mother Patricia David Lofton, Supervisor of Women, North Carolina Second  Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.