Uy The Best Mattress To Sleep Better

The ideal mattress to avoid back pain should not be too hard, or too soft, because the most important is to keep the spine always aligned, but not uncomfortable! For this, the mattress should sag to follow the curvature of the body, and the pillow should allow the neck to be straight.

On average, each person spends a third of his or her life sleeping and therefore choosing a quality mattress, and a suitable pillow is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep and quiet rest. Because when we sleep well, we are much more productive the next day. For mattress review visit today!

How to Choose the Best Mattress

Know the Best Mattress and Pillow for You to Sleep Better.

For you to make a mistake in buying a mattress, keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Check that the bed returns to normal after being pressed;
  • Choose the most comfortable for you: a spring mattress, foam or viscoelastic. Test the three options before buying;
  • Lie on the mattress and see if the spine is aligned and right, and if the body is well-accommodated, especially in the shoulder and hip region;
  • If you buy a double mattress, this should be a bit firmer because the weight of the other person may reflect on your side of the bed;
  • If you are within the ideal weight, you prefer a dense lower mattress and if you are overweight, prefer one with more support and density;
  • Make sure the length of the mattress is sufficient, especially if you are over 1.90m;
  • Try the bed in the store, lying on it for 5 minutes preferably in the position you usually sleep, because just sitting or putting your hand is not enough;
  • Prefer a mattress with biodegradable filler or antimicrobial fabric that prevents the development and accumulation of fungi and bacteria, especially if you have any allergies;
  • Buy the mattress first and then the bed because their sizes may vary.