Perfect Directions for Buying the Mattress

Buying a mattress is not an easy task. The current market offers a wide variety of models and brands that end up easily confusing the consumer.

Very attractive prices as well as articles that impress the beauty are not always of quality and end up deforming with little time of use.

In order to make a good purchase, the consumer must always be attentive to small details so as not to suffer undesirable after-sales consequences.

Here are the tips that we have selected so you can choose the most suitable product for your needs and feel totally satisfied with your choice. It will be great pleasure to meet you.

1) Foam or Spray Mattresses?

In the Good Chord we usually tell customers that the best mattress pattern is the one you are used to sleeping in, that is, when you are currently sleeping on a foam mattress, we often recommend purchasing another foam mattress that is not necessarily the same model, but with density appropriate to the person’s weight, being in this case a couple, based on the weight of the heaviest person.

The same mattress pattern, we recommend people who already have a spine problem, because foam mattresses are generally firmer than the firmest of springs, stabilizing the spine.

To choose a good craftmatic beds in addition to choosing models that carry the density appropriate to your weight or the heaviest person between the couple is crucial to check if the product is first-rate. To identify this data, just check the side label that usually brings all the information of the mattress that in this case, has to have sealing.

When buying and receiving merchandise at your residence, always check the label, checking if it matches the product you purchased.

If the preference is really for spring mattresses, it is worth knowing some differences between the types of spring mattresses so that the models can be chosen according to the qualifications of each spring system used in the mattress.

Pocket Molas Mattresses

Mattresses made from pocket springs are mattresses that have a higher price compared to those with bonnel springs, because in this spring system, the springs are individually bagged, leaving the models firmer, allowing one person to lie down and the other does not feel his movement, that is, mattresses that do not allow oscillations.