Orthopedic Mattresses for Therapeutic Purposes

Steadier than most mattresses, the orthopedic mattress is best suited for people who suffer from bone problems, especially in the spine. To buy this type of mattress, the most recommended is to get the appointment of your orthopedist.

Mattress Size

It may seem kind of obvious, but not everyone is right about the size of the correct mattress. In this case, three factors contribute significantly to buying a mattress the right size: your size, your bed size, and the size of your bedroom.

To help you, we’ve selected some approximate mattress sizes according to the best-selling models on the market:

  1. Cradle: 0.60cm x 1.30m
  2. Children’s bed: 0.70cm x 1.50m
  3. Single bed: 0.78cm (or 0.88cm) x 1.88m
  4. Single bed (American standard): 0.96cm (or 1m) x 2m
  5. Single bed (widow): 1.08m x 1.88m
  6. Double bed: 1.28m x 1.88m
  7. Queen Size Bed: 1.58m x 1.98m
  8. King Size Bed: 1.78m x 1.98m
  9. King Size Bed: 1.93m x 2.03m

Mattress Density

The density of the mattress is the amount of foam it has per cubic meter. To buy the mattress with the right density for you, consider your weight and height. Understand how it works:

D20 – This are used in cots and children’s beds.

D23 – People up to 1.80m tall and up to 50 pounds.

D26 – People up to 1.80m tall and up to 60 kilos.

D28–This is for people between 1.80m and 1.91m tall and weighing up to 70 kilos.

D33 – This is for people over 1.90m tall with weight between 70 and 100 kilos.

D45 + – This is for people over 1.90m tall and over 100 pounds.

Spring Mattress

Ever dreamed of sleeping in your favorite hotel every day? Buy a mattress from springs! Spring mattresses are quite famous for providing greater comfort, durability and resistance than foam mattresses. Check out the most common spring mattress types in online mattress sales:

Mattress with Bonnel Springs

– It is the most common system found;

– It has an average of 115 springs per m²;

– Supports the average weight of up to 100 kilos;

– Provides softer and softer support;– Its strength and durability varies with the model and brand;