Choose the Ideal Mattress for the Teenager

Adolescence is one of the most important phases of life and, because it is full of changes, can influence in areas of the routine, from food to bedtime.

Because they are growing, teens need to have an environment that ensures good sleep and protection for the spine.

This all reflects in the future, since it prevents back pain and guarantees nights well spent, guaranteeing more energy and productivity.

When choosing the perfect model, doubts arise, mainly due to the variety in the market. So here are some tips for buying the right mattress for a teenager.

Mattress Size for Teens

It all starts with choosing the size of the mattress and the bed. With the growth of children, parents often realize the need to change the children’s bed, leaving aside child-size and leaving for one with adult standards. This gives more freedom and comfort at bedtime, sheltering the entire body without the teenager having to flex the legs or bend the spine. A small mattress for the height of the adolescent generates these evils, which are only felt in the long term. As far as the width is concerned, it is worth researching well. The standards are single, widow and couple mattresses of different sizes; some are smaller, usually facing bunk beds. Go with cyber Monday mattress deals for lowest prices.

Types of Mattress

The types of mattress vary, as does the price. They can be classic foam mattresses or receive springs, which help in support and give more comfort at the time of sleep. One recent technology that has stood out is the Viscoelastic foam. It is a relatively recent discovery and manages to fit the weight of each person, worth quite the investment. Another important factor is to think about allergies and possible mites that can proliferate into the mattress. Therefore, constant cleaning and the search for hypoallergenic materials are indispensable.

Teens and Foam Mattresses

When choosing a good foam mattress, you need to pay attention to the combination of two factors: the height and the weight of the person. This directly influences the pressure the body exerts on the material, which eventually shapes over time, influencing the position of the body during sleep and comfort when lying down. The density indicated for the Brazilian biotype is D33 in the classification. It can withstand up to 100 pounds.