Buying New Mattresses: Know the Type of spring

Bonnel springs are best suited for single people or children. However, it is important to note that the technology delivers a very comfortable that fits the curves of the body, which allows good circulation during sleep and also relieve pressure points. Visit for more details… Because they have a coating layer above the springs, the system does not make noises during the night.

This technology typically supports up to 100 kg, but it is important to check the information with the mattress manufacturer. After all, a wrong density pattern can cause back pain, sleeping problems, and even a shortened life.

Individually Bagged

The mattress of individually bagged springs is the best option for those who want comfort, especially for couples. As each spring is individually packed, movements occurring above a certain spring will be absorbed and will not be transmitted to the other end of the mattress. This technology is very interesting for couples in which a partner moves a lot during sleep or has a greater weight, reducing the nuisance at night.

In the past, some people believed that the mattress should be rigid, but currently it is known that this is not indicated. In addition to being comfortable, the model of bagged springs provides an anatomical position during sleep, since the springs respond to different pressures, respecting the body contour and its extremities.

As the springs are individually bagged, there is a better internal air circulation, which prevents the appearance of moisture and fungi. This also keeps the temperature cool even in the hottest seasons.

Another advantage of the model of bagged springs is that it can withstand a greater weight. However, it is also interesting to check this information with the manufacturer, since bagged spring technologies may be different.

How to Choose the Spring Mattress

A mattress, in general, cannot be hard and not too soft. After all, it is important that he support the spine and support the limbs of the body. As the choice is very particular, it is recommended to go to a specialized store and try out the most diverse models.

If the mattress is for the couple, it is important that the partners make the choice together. In addition, if one of them moves frequently during the night, it is advisable to give preference to the model of individually bagged springs.